Iowa Lakes Equestrian

At Overlook Farm

The Iowa Lakes Equestrian Center at Overlook Farm supports the region's special individuals and families by providing safe, positive and motivating learning experiences through equine assisted programs and small farm animal care & agriculture learning activities.

Overlook Farm is home to specially trained horses, barn yard animals, orchards and gardens used to carry out the mission of the program. That of helping individuals grow by overcoming personal life hurdles associated with learning difficulties through practicing fun farm work chores and gaining experiences in caring for and learning to safely ride horses, learning to properly feed and care for small farm animals, and by lending a hand at the Farm's orchards and gardens.

Our Special Olympics certified staff members receive training and are managed by Masters level human service professionals along with equine and agricultural professionals. The entire staff volunteers their time and special talents in coaching clients' through specific learning programs aimed at mastering positive bench-marked outcomes. Our "Family Strength" programs bring clients' and family members together to reinforce learning, relationships and strengthen loving bonds.

Iowa Lakes Equestrian Center at Overlook Farm, Lakota, Iowa

The Iowa Lakes Equestrian Center at Overlook Farm is located in the beautiful Northern Agricultural Heartland of America. Set just two and a half miles East of Lakota, Iowa on Highway 9 in the gentle rolling hills of North-Central Iowa, the Overlook Farm is a clean, small and picturesque farm accessible from all of the region's Interstate systems. The Farm is located near three popular recreational locations, including; the resorts of Lake Okoboji, Iowa, Adventure Land Amusement Park at Des Moines, Iowa and Mall of America at Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Program Update

Greg and Beth recently moved to Minnesota where Greg has taken on a College Professorship position. The couple continues maintaining this web site as a part of the model the program is intended to serve. The Ervins remain active in the Special Olympics Equestrian area as well as continuing to promote animal assisted helping programs. Feel free to contact Beth or Greg to discuss any aspects of the program in helping struggling learners or about our resource materials found. We hope you have enjoyed your web site visit.

Beth Ervin
Program Director

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Feel Free to contact Beth with any questions about program offerings

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