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How to Use Pets or Horses to Lighten the Load of
Struggling Learners
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Provided To The Public As A Pet or Small Farm
Animal Assisted Learning Project or Program Model
(relatives helping relatives and neighbors helping neighbors)

The use of well-behaved cats and dogs, horses and small animals as learning assistants has been proven to make a significant difference to people struggling to learn (Netting, Wilson & New, 1987; All & Loving, 1999). We are currently seeking city families, farm families and acreage owners interested in hosting such learning projects and programs. Our staff provides consultation, training and human service program support while helping you get started simply and safely. We'll provide you with the tools and skills to be effective leaders and trainers. The staff at Overlook Farm can help you build a simple yet effective program to meet your unique goals and interests. Begin sharing your talents in a positive way, helping that one family member or neighbor down your city street or county road in need of your time and talents. Or, share your program with even more of your extended family or neighbors from around the area who currently struggle with learning difficulties. There are so many unique populations to serve and opportunities to help children and adults who struggle to read, cope with difficulties, or get thorough difficult times. Our Masters-level Human Service professionals as well as caring staff experienced in small animal and agricultural methods provide you personalized help and training. They will help you set up and host a program by offering animal-assisted training, Special Olympics equestrian training, and 4-H learning programs. Our dedicated volunteers are proud to offer these services to you at no cost.

Please contact: Beth Ervin, Program Director, t
o learn more. Beth can be reached by calling 612-240-4435 or emailing [email protected] Thank you!

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